What is Soul Constellation?

This practice is based on Bert Hellinger’s pioneering Family Constellation Therapy. Also widely known as Systemic Constellation or Systemic Therapy, this therapy uncovers hidden family dynamics to bring lasting peace to troubled areas of your life.

Soul Constellation brings these principles into a more personal, one to one setting giving you the space to explore and voice your issues.

Through the powerful work of Soul Constellation, my mission is to help you to transform your emotions, patterns, fears and behaviour that are holding you back in your life. Using Systemic Family Therapy as a basis for my work, I provide a safe space to softly guide you through the process of understanding and reshaping your soul constellation. By recreating your energetic patterns, you can release the handbrake on your life and live the most powerful version of yourself.

The Benefits of Soul Constellation

Become unstuck in your life

By working through stuck behaviour using the Soul Constellation model, we can recognise patterns and re-write new ones that serve us. This therapy will help you to empower yourself, your work, transform your relationships with others and help you to gain clarity and focus.

Overcome your past

Through rebuilding the constellation of the dynamics which affect your life and energy, we are able to work on behaviour and beliefs inherited from your family of origin. By exploring these layers, you can release old behaviour as well as trauma or loss, so that you can regain control of your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Reprogram your subconscious beliefs

As the name suggests Soul Constellation works profoundly, at a soul level. This work will help you to understand your deeper thoughts and fears, so that we can reprogram your subconscious mind with new beliefs, creating new, empowering patterns that you want in your life.

Uncover the root cause of physical symptoms & dis-ease

Following the Systemic Therapy approach, I can support you to uncover fears, issues, beliefs that you have stored in your subconscious and in the body. Uncovering the root cause of these ailments allows you to release them from the body so that you can begin to transform them.

Rewrite your DNA

By working at a soul level, through the constellation of energy, people and events that impact our lives, we bring energy into flow and alignment. By changing subconscious beliefs and releasing fear, we can change our mind, body and in turn rewrite our DNA.

How a session works

Firstly, If you have decided to take the step to be an issue holder, we will have a chat about what’s troubling you, holding you back and what you would like to address, change, your ‘issue’ for this session.

This session will unfold like a traditional Family Constellation. There are two aspects: an issue holder, who will be the person working on their issue; and the aspect of representatives, who support the issue holder by taking on a role as a representative of a person or a certain aspect in the issue holders constellation.

Secondly, I will guide you through the Soul Constellation, your personalised family constellation session. During this type of session, you have total privacy, we will use wooden figures to represent people or certain aspects in your system, to build your constellation and work through your issue in your own time and space. Where needed I will bring in Kinesiology muscle testing to circumvent the conscious mind.

You will express your issue to build your Family Constellation and reconstruct your soul dynamics in a positive way. Working through these structure, roles, fears and expectations represented through these key people who have impacted your belief system, you can explore emotional programs in your life. I will help and support you to restructure these patterns to transform past trauma and pain that are affecting your current life both physically or emotionally.

This work is powerful and works on multiple levels of your being, captured by its very name. Soul Constellation therapy is a profound practice, working into our deeper layers, helping you to understand & grow, bringing you into alignment, flow & wellbeing.

Emotional First Aid: Breathe!

The first thing you can do if you feel anxious is to breathe. Breathe slowly in and out and exhale twice as long. Count how long you breathe in and make sure that breathing out counts twice as long. Breathing and counting your in and out breaths already helps you to take your focus away and centre your self.