Client Feedback


Doing the constellation with Nursel had a profound effect on me. After the constellation when I went back to normal life on Monday I found that I felt much clearer and calmer, was enjoying myself more and felt able to connect and communicate with people on a deeper level than I had been doing. During the constellation, I connected with a member of my family who is no longer alive and had a strong sense of having a communication with them that provided healing in our relationship. Since then I also have a sense of this soul checking in with me from time to time and offering encouragement – a connection that was facilitated through the constellation. Nursel very skillfully guided and facilitated the process with an unconditionally loving presence and lots of wisdom. I recommend doing a constellation with her very highly.


Family Constellations are very powerful – the healing happening during them ripples across the whole energetic field of the family as well as generations – it is imperative that the facilitator can hold the space for this tremendous healing and is very good in guiding the process with compassion and love yet determination. In the past years I have attended many constellations and to find a truly great facilitator is challenging.

I can honestly say that Nursel’s Family Constellations are amazing, I felt truly held and supported throughout the process both times I attended.

Nursel uses her intuition and deep knowledge gained during years of studying at her events. Her compassion, gentle yet powerful guidance during the constellations is great, feeling when it’s time to shift between participants (representatives), which way to go and how to translate the process. I can definitely recommend her constellations to anyone who wishes to experience this powerful technique of healing.


Nursel strongly embodies the divine feminine and holds space with a powerful presence and deep respect. I found her family constellation workshop a wonderful healing experience which I would unreservedly recommend to others. Thank you, and deep gratitude for the work which you do.


I have to say working with Nursel has been one of the most powerful things that I have done in my life. She opened doors that I had never been through before and helped my bring into awareness that helped me travel through life in a completely different way. I am forever grateful and highly recommend her work.


I have attended a couple of Family Constellations as a representative rather than an issue holder. On each occasion, I have felt deep healing occurs during and after each session. This has been due to the issues I have been representing have been relevant in my own life.

Attending a Family Constellation session as a representative has helped me move forward in my own life in ways which I did not expect.

Nursel provides a safe and secure environment where you can release what no longer serves you and find new ways of looking at things – highly recommended.


About 2 years ago, Nursel made me discover Family constellation. I had heard about it before but didn’t really know what to expect…
Not only she made me feel safe, she created a whole secure and loving space for me to express myself fully during that experience. I was able to bring issues regarding my family dynamic in a group of trusted and respectful and work on it beautifully with her guidance.
The results were amazing: not only it changed my life to this day, but it also gave me a perspective and a peace that probably would have taken much longer to achieve on my own! Thanks again to Nursel!


From the moment I arrived, I was transported into a world of beautiful relaxation. Nursel holds a very special space, which is powerful yet nurturing. The energy healing she gave was simply amazing, I’ve never before had such a session and felt the energy flow so strongly. It was a wonderfully healing session which I floated away from in a blissful state. Thank you, Nursel.


I had a session with Nursel. I also very well looked after and supported during the treatment. And afterwards, I felt very grounded, confident, connected, calm and energised. I look forward to my next treatment and would definitely recommend her.


I’d like to thank Nursel for the day of healing she gave to us and the wonderful experience. It was completely new to me and she was a brilliant guide and mentor. I would recommend it wholeheartedly. Thanks again Nursel.


Nursel greeted me with a warm smile. Over a mug of one of her extensive array of herbal teas, she asked me to think about areas in my life I wished to work on. Parts of me I wanted to improve. She held space and within this safe environment, I found myself expressing the issues I felt I wanted to resolve in a clear and concise, open manner. After finishing, Nursel explained certain organs in the body held blocks and trauma.

At no moment did I feel at any discomfort. It was a healing, tangible and beautiful experience. Nursel is professional, gentle and guiding. She holds her space with her strong personal power and one feels at ease to express their innermost fears with no fear of judgement. Her healing is unconditional with exceptional focus and clarity. She is one of the most grounded healers I have met.

I love and resonate strongly with the concept of healing emotional pain by working with the organs in our physical body. It feels good to know we are healing our mind and also preventing possible dis-ease to our vital organs where suffering is stored.

Working with Nursel is cleansing our mind and body in such a tangible, physical and real way.


Highly recommend Nursel for Constellation work. Her highly intuitive and sensitive nature creates a very safe environment for this work. She guides this powerful process with grace, kindness and strengths. She has the wonderful ability & gift to invite into the circle what needed for healing, be it family members or emotions like trust or respect. Truly thankful for the couple of powerful sessions I experienced with her.