What is Soul Kinesiology?

Soul Kinesiology is a non-intrusive way of speaking directly to the body. Our muscles have responses to different emotions and these can be tested through Kinesiology. This modality uses muscle testing to ask the body. This bypasses the conscious mind to find the answers in the subconscious so that we can discover triggers, traumas, and patterns. Soul Kinesiology helps us to discover what the body needs to alleviate these ailments which can manifest both physically and mentally.

The Benefits of Soul Kinesiology

Working with the body’s needs

Working through the body’s response, we can ask the body what it needs to change. This allows us to obtain answers in a much more holistic and non-intrusive manner. As a Kinesiology practitioner, I can assist you to explore the root cause of your issues and reprogramming patterns, behaviour and subconscious beliefs to assist wellbeing, transformation and positive self-growth.

Exploring blocked emotions

Kinesiology can help to deal with emotions that have been buried, or that are difficult to put into words. These emotions could relate to trauma, shock or detachment that the conscious mind has suppressed but which are still affecting our subconscious mind and affecting the way we behave.

Allergies and physical ailments

Soul Kinesiology is a wonderful tool to detect root causes of allergies, food intolerances and ailments which manifest in physical outbreaks such as eczema. Other issues which benefit from kinesiology sessions include finding the underlying cause of anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues by asking the body for its muscle response, bypassing the conscious mind and getting straight to the core of the problems.

How a session works

Soul Kinesiology is a technique that bypasses the thinking brain, works through the body and speaks directly with the emotions. More specifically, kinesiology works with muscle movement, tension and resistance in the body. When trauma or something unpleasant happens, we first absorb the feelings in the body. When we are exposed to emotional stress, our breathing is flatter, and our muscles are tense, the flow of energy becomes blocked.
Kinesiology uses the body’s response to tension (energy blockage), relaxation (energy flow) to determine what the body needs to recover and restore. Kinesiology is thus an excellent method to work directly with the emotions and to detect and solve unconscious energy blockages.
At the beginning of the session, we will talk about the issue that you would like to work on. As a kinesiology practitioner, I will take your body through a number of questions, muscle testing using a number of techniques to elicit the body’s responses and listening to its needs.
Through the session, we will address and release the old pattern and new ones through responding to the body’s requests.

Emotional First Aid: Breathe!

The first thing you can do if you feel anxious is to breathe. Breathe slowly in and out and exhale twice as long. Count how long you breathe in and make sure that breathing out counts twice as long. Breathing and counting your in and out breaths already helps you to take your focus away and centre your self.