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Nursel greeted me with a warm smile. Over a mug of one of her extensive array of herbal teas, she asked me to think about areas in my life I wished to work on. Parts of me I wanted to improve. She held space and within this safe environment, I found myself expressing the issues I felt I wanted to resolve in a clear and concise, open manner. After finishing, Nursel explained certain organs in the body held blocks and trauma.

At no moment did I feel at any discomfort. It was a healing, tangible and beautiful experience. Nursel is professional, gentle and guiding. She holds her space with her strong personal power and one feels at ease to express their innermost fears with no fear of judgement. Her healing is unconditional with exceptional focus and clarity. She is one of the most grounded healers I have met.

I love and resonate strongly with the concept of healing emotional pain by working with the organs in our physical body. It feels good to know we are healing our mind and also preventing possible dis-ease to our vital organs where suffering is stored.

Working with Nursel is cleansing our mind and body in such a tangible, physical and real way.